The humming of creation never stops

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to talk about him or about his life. I do not use Facebook and i’m afraid of what’s my society can do to me, so i have took the habit to stay on the side.

All that my mind could think or produce, i apply it on my job , with my friends or i keep it for myself. But there is always a moment , when the humming of creation is too strong , where you need to share this because it could became meaningless.

So i decided, by this website, to share my ideas, my projects , my thoughts. Passed , current and future.

However, i’m not the only one who will write articles on EndlessHumming. Friends of mine and visitors could participate one day, because i want to build  a real place for sharing concepts , even if they’re not completed (my specialty).

The main goal is to seed ideas in our mind. Even if it’s poop.

Don’t expect regularly update , quality content or revolutionary things, but if one day you like a content , it’s all win for us.

About me : I’m just a guy, not very smart, not very skillful, but there is always something in my mind to create and build.

I have a two-year scientific degree in France (Technician), and i’m currently in Engineering Studies. I’m practicing Graphics , Electronics , Programming and Physics since a long time (2010-Today).

(And sorry for my English, i will do some work on it)


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